Sometimes I wonder if I could lose my mind driving tired through the mountains at night. Long and broken yellow lines chasing me on the left, occasional reflective eyes startling me on my right, never another vehicle in sight. Drifting off in dreams of days gone by and fantasy of what tomorrow might bring. I was cruising home from Crankworx and watching the road roll away beneath my truck. That whole week takes a toll on you and this year was even more taxing, having competed in a few events and spent the rest of my week crushing dusty laps in the bike park under the most violent sunlight I’ve seen this summer. It didn’t really feel surprising that after nearly 9 weeks of either riding, flying, or road tripping everyday for various bicycle expeditions, I was ready for few days off my bike.

After returning home from the Yukon in late July I went straight to Sun Peaks Resort to host a few rounds of camps. Helping young rippers to find their confidence and do so with style and safety in mind is such a privilege for me. As always, I may have enjoyed myself even more than the campers did and everyone went home with a few more tricks stuffed up their sleeves. The riding at Sun Peaks was spectacular at that point. Sticky trails, mellow lift lines, low temperatures and great company. So it was almost killing me to leave home and set up camp at Crankworx this year, but I had some exciting new opportunities awaiting and they worked out to be well worth the sacrifice of local laps.

This year I was invited to participate in the Deep Summer Photo Challenge alongside Seb Kemp and Paul Stevens. We would spend three days slaughtering Whistler in pursuit of bicycle photography genius with Jon Hayward on the lens. Working with Jon was a huge risk. He hadn’t shot MTB in the past and I didn’t even know the plans for our slideshow until the night before shooting commenced. But I was feeling like a gambling man and after the event was over I was proud for taking that chance. We didn’t win the event, but we won the applause of a 5’000 person audience with a light-hearted show. Shortly after, I was shocked to see our images circulating beyond the confines of typical mountain bike media. We’ve had photos displayed in the L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, The Guardian and the Huffington post. Those are seriously sized mainstream publications I would never expect to see my photos printed in. In addition to such splendid surprises, I came home to find a new two pager in Freeride Germany and some sweet photos from the Unofficial Whip Off World Champs.

And now it seems the Summer season’s gone. With Crankworx now in the bag I’ve got nothing on my plate for the rest of the summer and that’s alright, cause I’m feeling full. Its been a long, crazy summer on the road. Sleeping on couches, chasing sunsets and scraping together dimes for double doubles. I’m happy to be home and relaxing for a few days before I dive back into hot laps in the loops. I’ve got a lot of digging to do in preparation for slaying photos in the fall light. And I am really looking forward to a long fall of shredding leaves and loam all day followed by campfires and beer cans at night. I’ll be checking in again when the weather is less warm and the red lettered license plates have left town.