Kamloops has been glowing green since early April, but I suspect that is soon to change. Temperatures have been scorching as of lately and the surprise of faded brown fields will awake me any morning now. This spring has been splendid to say the least. There were more fresh trails than ever before as I wandered care free yet close to home, and I made many new friends as I grew intimate with the ins and outs of those nasty new single tracks. The missions I have beneath my belt and the friends I’ve shared them with are not soon to be forgotten, but I am more than excited to be charging into the changing of another season.

Now as the hills all fade from green to brown I honestly do feel as if a whole new season has begun beneath my tires. I’ve moved the majority of my riding along the highway to Sun Peaks Resort where an electric chair will carry me to the top of the mountain and increase my daily vert to incomprehensible numbers. My bike has tipped back at the hip and grown a few more inches of travel – there are no words to describe my anticipation for more big days of smashing on my Operator. Between the length of the hot laps and hot summer days that I know are ahead of me, I’m forced to grin and imagine the best is yet to come.