Silvia – Going Big With Brad on

I really like the way the long green grass in the meadows across the valley from my deck can shimmer and sway at the begging of most days. In the break of each new morning a diamond dusting sweeps across the valley as the fields grow back from the shadows of the surrounding hills. I forgot how green it can be at this time of the year. How the hills and trees and trails explode in blinding lime and kelly shades. I even forgot how soon the leaves and grass consume the forest and make even the most memorable patches of trail appear unimaginable and new. But I will not forget the excitement of tracing brown lines through thick green fields while dodging black and gray trunks. No, I will not forget the rides I have been having in this green season.

It’s mid season already and that scares the living day lights out of me. If it is really true that time flies when your having fun then I might be having the time of my life, because it feels like I am traveling through time. Actually, now that it’s on my tongue… I am having the time of my life. In the past few weeks I have been on rides that felt to good to be real, rides that changed my perspective on speed and flow, and rides that
have made me truly appreciate being where I am and having the opportunities that I do. I’ve been riding new trails with amazing friends, sessioning the biggest airs I have ever crossed paths with, and going to bed too excited to fall asleep. I feel like I am telling tales taller than the Kamloops green grass and that makes me excited, but not as excited as I am for the rides that are yet to come.

In the last few weeks I shot some golden evening nuggets with Dan Barham, attended meetings with Sun Peaks Resort about our plans for working together over the summer, and filmed a video of the wildest session of my life at Brad Stuart’s house. On top of all the action my new media group, Silvia, has really been taking off. Working exclusively with we have reached hundreds of thousands of viewers, spreading the stoke world wide. This is all exciting, but in the near future there are airplanes and chairlifts, photo contests and bike camps. To say the bestis yet to come would be an understatement. Talk to you again when the
grass is burnt brown.

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