I hate Summer. Such a statement may seem questionable coming from a mountain biker living in one of the hottest places you can think of, but I am totally serious. The hottest and driest days of the summer are my least favorite of the year. I much prefer a thick frost on my windshield and icy snot in my nose to the impending beads of sweat that slowly roll their way down my back when simply standing still. Trails turned oceans of brake bumps and bomb holes create a major lack of enthusiasm. The chatter of shit kicked trails vibrating though my bike and into my body reeks of destruction. And I have also never really been a fan of choking on the lonely pale dust that lingers around ever corner of the trail. Such a dream killer.

My disagreement with hot summer days doesn’t end with poor trail conditions either. It seems like everything functional about Kamloops gets flipped upside down when the heat comes around. Parking lot and gas station fills up with over sized trailers and roads that were once quiet and pleasurable to drive are suddenly littered with red lettered license plates. I should probably make an effort to sound less like a spiteful bastard and mention that I do thoroughly enjoy floating down the river on an air mattress. But even when I find time to enjoy one of those hot summer days I still find myself put off by everyone in their wake boarding boats, cruising down the river and listening to remixed dubstep songs while haggard looking women dance on the back, talking about this weeks episode of Jersey Shore.

I think I’ve likely made my point, summer and I simply don’t get along. I still ride and I still have fun but it really isn’t the same for me. I’m sure you can imagine my displeasure when hot August sunsets continued burning through until just last week. A meteorological phenomenon like the Indian Summer was really giving me the blues when all I wanted was the red and yellow hue to come out in the leaves and light up the forest. I was pretty excited when I woke up a couple mornings ago and my bedroom was feeling chilly while raindrops hit the window, even more excited that it has stayed that way for the past couple days. So it feels like the beginning of things again on this uneventful afternoon. Fall is like a brand new season and the season is starting now. A chilly breeze is blowing in through my window and letting me know its time to get back to shredding it and loving it.

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