This season is building momentum quickly, there is no doubt about that. Little black scribbles all over my calendar and an increasingly long list of to-do’s and ta-da’s assure me that this year is going to be a stellar one. My bikes are kitted out and projects are looking dialed, but it isn’t quite go time just yet. Riding locations are slowly opening and I’m squeaking in quick rides here and there, but the trails aren’t ready to shred and that leaves me stuck, living off vivid daydreams from rides of seasons past. Recounting the days I had dubbed as being the “sickest ride ever!” I am guilty of claiming that title far too often and I never have any proof or supporting evidence beyond my wildly flailing arms and the shouting of words that hardly make sense. I had one of my actual greatest rides of all time on opening day at Sun Peaks Resort last summer and fortunately for me, I actually have a bunch of photos from that very day. Read More