I was having an average, mellow summer. Shooting some stuff here, working a bit there. Riding as much as I could and keeping it real every day. That was until the storms came rolling in. People from near and far suddenly excited to work together on all sorts of projects. Everything seemed like a lot of commitment, but also like a lot of fun. The first of the frenzy to come my way was the invitation to help shape a story about Kamloops to be printed in DIRT magazine later this year. This would mean working with Seb Kemp and Reuben Krabbe, a pair mountain bike wordsmith and lens men who’s work I’ve admired for eons and felt honored to collaborate with. They had me out of bed and sideways as early as 4am, dodging windstorms and raindrops like the end of the world was soon to come. Having just recently seen the final gallery, I am now shaking in anticipation of the printed article.

Next up… capture a burly corner photo with Margus Riga for Raceface to use in an upcoming add for the Sixc carbon downhill crank I have been riding. A very tight time frame was issued but thankfully I had the perfect dusty turn lined up midway down a nasty cliff only a few minutes away from my house. Once we were in action, Margus and I both surprised ourselves with what we produced. Margus is a man with a keen eye and extremely creative vision. I couldn’t have been happier with how our add printed. And to my surprise, the add was to be run in the Bike Magazine Photo Annual. To say the least, I am flattered to have a two page add fitted in amongst the most stunning collection of images presented to us in print this year.

Leaving dusty berms behind, I was on route to the Chatel Mountain Style. I’ve never felt to warm with the idea of competing on my bike but an invitation to the Mountain Style really roused my interest. It would be my first trip to Europe, a big mountain event, a chance to chill with friends like Aggy, Sorge and Semenuk, and a world of new experience. All the components seemed to add up to something that felt right. The entire trip was a blast and although the contest became rushed and rained out, I still made it out alive from one of the gnarlier events of the year in an alright space of 11th place. I wish I could have done more, but I think all the riders are on that page. I’m just stoked that everything went well, the trip rolled along smooth and breezy and I’m already itching for my next trip across the pond.

The final stop on my recent list of riots to attend was back on my own side of the globe and back to the great white north from which I came. AFD, an Alberta based fuel company extremely dedicated to the youth of our sport, put together a fun oriented race in my hometown of Whitehorse, Yukon. Attending the race as a special guest to smash turns with the younger fella’s, judge a small dirt jump event and tip back Yukon bottles with the organizers and old friends was effortless work and a total honor. Brett Tippie, Geoff Gulevich and Harookz were my wingmen so you’d have been hard pressed to find a quiet moment north of sixty that week. The event and the whole trip was a great success. Seeing riding develop to such new heights in the small town I used to call home was nothing but a pleasure and I left town feeling a heavy desire for more Yukon adventure.

I’m finally at home again with a couple of days to myself and I expected to feel some sort of relief, having been so busy. But I am wound up and ready to charge. I want back out in the wild. Next week I have a round of camps followed by photos with Sun Peaks Resort and then a short while later I have the chance to compete in the Deep Summer Photo Challenge at Crankworx in Whistler. I’ve been eying up that event for ages now and always hoped to participate. With so many new friends and so much gnar still to come, this summer has no end in sight.