It’s only April so it still gets cold and windy at night. When it rains all day the trails grow a deadly brown Kamloops slime and people hide inside with their bikes far from sight. That seems like a reasonable defense against unnecessary crashes and injuries but I’ve found myself really attracted to these sketchy conditions. Unfortunately, the last time I went out for a dark and muddy Rio romp I stacked into a pile of rocks with an ungodly amount of force. I didn’t really injure anything but I bruised a few bones that have left me feeling like “Old Man Shredhard” for the past few days. But I guess that’s to be expected when you treat every ride like some kind of punk rock rally.

I’ve been using that term “punk rock” pretty loosely this spring and a lot of people don’t get it. But it feels like quite a fitting term to me, when your smashing every lap like its the last one you’ll ever have the chance to ride. You know that overpowering feeling when your driving down the highway and your favorite punk song comes on, and no matter how many times you hit the little addition symbol indicating a superior sound it just never gets loud enough? That’s how I’ve been feeling on my bike this spring. I just want more. More laps, more turns, more gaps. Faster rides, louder take offs, nastier whips. More, more, more.

I’m feeling pretty stoked that aside from that midnight rock pile crash everything has been working in sync with that punk rock attitude. I spent a week shooting photos with John Gibson and holy cow, did we ever get some work done. Not only was it the most productive, but also the funnest photo shoot I have ever been a part of. My friend Allan McVicar finally got excited about mountain bike photography again after an extended break and that landed Aggy and I back to back Pinkbike POD’s. Then my buddy Steve Riffel nabbed me another POD just a couple days after. And to top off exciting news from the last few weeks past, I received an invitation to the Chatel Mountain Style event in France this summer. I’m feeling pretty fired up for that one.

It’s hard to believe we are already standing on the edge of April. That means I’ll turn 22 and the world will burst into a thousand shades of green before I even realize it. This year I get to see the Strength In Numbers kamloops premiere to celebrate. I hear Aggy totally destroys it in that movie, and I put a lot of shovel work into Hunter’s segment so I can’t wait for this Saturday night’s screening. Hopefully the Doc is right and my achy back will be done swelling in a few more days so I can get back to punk rockin’ my way though the rest of spring.