I feel like something isn’t right about calling this a “Spring Update”, because many things “Spring” are vacant in this changing season. When I remember springs past I remember sorting a hectic schedule, forcing projects into my time and taming an unfamiliar bike. But this year is so different and so much more unique. There is no hustle and grind, no awkward ride. The steps I’ve recently taken and the bike I am now riding couldn’t be more natural. They feel like extensions of me.

I have been shredding non stop, almost every day on my Supreme Operator. I have never been so in love with a bike and I have also never been this excited about riding. My operator has been killing everything in it’s path, so I have nick named it the Red Dragon. Maybe it is the amazing new bike and the ease with which everything is falling into place that this year has got me so fire eyed.

On the side of working and riding almost every day I have been working very closely with my friends Karl Heldt and Matt Miles developing a new website and company to showcase our creative efforts. You can check out
our first post and first video here, http://silviafilms.ca/ Silvia will be the name and page under which all of my stories and projects will be published this year. We will be working together and producing videos, photos and stories all summer. In addition we will be working closely with Sun Peaks Resort producing Bike Park content and releasing a full length film in the fall.

Things are really taking off so far. Stay tuned for more action and excitement as this new season continues to grow. Thanks again for the support.

Dylan Sherrard
Bicycle Cafe