I’ve had Rebelution on repeat for over a week now and it still sounds exciting when I start my truck each morning. If I close my eyes for only a moment I can feel the highway still rolling away beneath me. I’ve spent twice as much time sitting on a chairlift than I have sitting at my computer and despite my best efforts, I can’t get enough coffee down my neck. My knee pad tans have gotten so ridiculous you would think I really put effort into them, and for all these reasons, I realize it must be August.

Yep, It’s summertime in the ‘loops and I’m loving it. My days have been slow and chill and filled with bikes from start to finish. I tagged along for another “best day of my life” with my friends from the NSMB.com team in Salmon Arm where we had Shuswap lakeside single track for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve been showing rug rats the ropes of tackling the mountains at our Sun Peaks Bike Camp and had so many amazing evenings in front of cameras that I’m beginning feel like an investment banker of mountain bike media.

I spent a weekend in Whistler producing what may materialize as the raddest bike commercial of all time and I joined a cruiser bike gang that drinks beer on the beach before pedaling leisurely into the warm summer nights. The best part about everything right now? This summer and these shenanigans don’t have any end in sight.