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What the hell just happened?
A few months ago when the warmer winds of March had finally come wandering in from the winter I went out into the hills for my first ride on dirt. The hills were brown and the sage was gray and the trail still held the moisture of long and lingering snow season. It was a relief to turn my pedals and to feel my breath reach the bottom of my lungs. I fell asleep that night feeling keen for the season that would soon be full swing.

I just woke up and apparently it’s June now. It’s only been 10 weeks, but it feels like a year has gone by since my tires first touched the dirt this spring. The hills and the sage and everything else around me are glowing in brilliant shades of green but the trails are still as tacky as they were back then. My whole world has been a blur of gaps and turns and I think this spring has turned out to be the raddest of all time.

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I’ve spent more time in front of cameras and more time coaching camps than I ever thought I could fit in, and on top of that it still feels like I have been spending more time on the trails than ever before. I’ve been able to ride with some of my heroes and work with some of the coolest people. All of this means that I’ve been creating a lot of content that I feel really proud of and I’ve made some amazing new friends in the process.

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And now that I’ve had a few days to take a breather and soak it all in I realize that most importantly, I’ve just been doing my thing. I’ve been riding my bike everyday and enjoying it to the fullest, and I’ve never felt happier about that.

I’m stoked to be charging my batteries for a bit right now, but I’m already feeling the itch for the summer craziness that will soon makes its way around. I can’t say thanks enough to everyone who has helped me keep things rolling this year. See you on the trails!

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