“Woah! Winter already, eh?” I’ve been exclaiming each morning as I roll from bed and make my sticky-eyed march to the coffee machine. There has been snow outside my living room window for nearly a week now but it still catches my blurry vision off guard. Only after a few caffeine hits to the head does my eye sight clear itself up and I realize that we are halfway through November now and these sort of weather conditions should be expected. But regardless of what my calendar supports, I’ll argue until I’m blue in the face about this year having had less days than all the years before. It went by much to quick.

In addition to the progression of time, I also remain in slight disbelief toward the amount of shredding I managed to squeeze out of myself this season. Looking back on the first Rio laps we were crushing back in March and remembering how fresh the trail was feels like I’m reminiscing of rides from several seasons ago. Imaging the lengthy list of events that took place between those first shuttles and the short edit I just complete with Barham, it seems overwhelming, but I am excited to do it all again, and perhaps even more next summer. I sailed away to the other side of the world to compete in a nasty big mountain contest. Flew to the Yukon to sample fresh trails and co-host exciting new cycling events. Put my moto-whippin and camera-clickin skills to the test at Crankworx. Hosted a number of camps and clinics in between. Got more photos published around the world than I’d ever imagined possible and kept a monthly column running on the front of the biggest bike page we have.

And now the single-track is covered in snow and all I can think about is the next time I’ll be pedaling off into the warm sunset. I’m diving headfirst into the details of what I hope will be another fully pinned season. I’m looking forward to all the new trails I’ll ride and towns I’ll visit. The people I’ll meet and the beers and trail-side tails we’ll share. And it excites me beyond words to know that I’ll be fueling all that stoke again without the stress of wondering weather or not I can pull it off. Thanks to everyone who helped me out, hooked me up, ripped a trail or made me laugh along the way to having the greatest I can remember.