What I found most interesting about this e-bike was its ability to explore places that would otherwise be hard, if not impossible, to reach. Yes, the Libre EL does live up to the “go farther and faster” e-bike mantra, which was especially true on mountainous terrain. I was able to get up steeper and more technical forest roads than I ever had, and was able to access the alpine-like never before, which was pretty unbelievable and satisfying.

Chris Hatton at eBikes International has put the miles in on Squamish’s gravel roads and singletrack over the last we while on the Libre EL. He’s just posted up his full rave review of their website and it is most definitely worth checking out on full. 

“At 5’10, I was riding a 54cm, and loved just how snappy this bike felt underneath me thanks to the Libre EL’s 650b wheel setup. Featuring fairly wide 650b x 47c WTB Venture tires you can experience a great amount of cornering confidence, stability, and suppleness which was hugely appreciated when pointing the bike downwards. Considering it also comes with a TranzX dropper seatpost and the smaller wheel size, it is no doubt that Kona designed this bike to match the fun and capable feeling on the uphills with the same feeling for the downs – they definitely nailed it.”

You can check out the full Remote review on eBikesInternational.com Here.