“It’s pretty happy to carry speed over anything you point it at, but it’s also a bike that can dance. Now, that is a surprise. The aluminum bike never felt like it had a big footprint to me, likely due to that tiny rear end and what looks like an overbuilt frame that’s surely quite torsionally rigid. It’s not a lightweight, clearly, but it doesn’t ride heavy, and also doesn’t feel like it’s stuck down in its travel like some of these all-mountain sleds tend to be. When you want to leave the ground, it’ll do so; when you want to stay stuck, it’ll do that as well. Neat trick, Kona.” Mike Levy – Pinkbike.com

Mike Levy from Pinkbike.com really has put Everything You Need to Know About Kona’s New Process Bikes into his exhaustive First Look post at the new Process Family. If you haven’t read it yet you should set aside a few minutes and head over there.