By Ambassador Shawn Spry

We all know Moab is a world class riding destination and when I heard they built a brand new trail that was drenched in flow, I had to experience it for myself.


My buddy Jarrod lives in Moab and offered to show me the steezy lines on this latest singletrack attraction.


Falcon Flow is a 5.5 mile blue trail in the Sand Flats Recreation Area that’s part of the Raptor Route, providing an alternate ending to the Whole  Enchilada and reducing the amount of riding on Sand Flats Road.
You can ride up this trail as well, however, due to the junipers and blind corners you’ll want to keep a close eye/ear out for downhill traffic. Descending speeds can approach Mach Chicken. We had a beautiful partly cloudy day with mild temps for our ride, resulting in maximum fun. The next time you’re in Moab, I would highly recommend Falcon Flow if you like fast, rocky descents with lots of alt-lines.