From We’ve been talking with Kona’s, Ian Schmitt, for the better part of a year, about their entrance into the fat-bike ring. Ian is from Milwaukee and is tight with some of our crew from brew city, so as soon as their new WO production bikes became available, Ian sent us one for testing. We’re going to have a hand full of our test pilots ride the WO and review it for you a little bit down the road, right after we address the elephant in the room. Since the first moment that we showed the first photos of Kona’s WO proto-type, it generated critical feedback concerning its aesthetics. I think some of that negative feedback is due to the large sweep bars. At the very least the unique stock handlebar acts as a polarizing feature of the bike. Some folks will love it and some folks will not. So to avoid letting the bar dominate our review of the WO, I asked Kona to send along a nice wide riser bar, in addition to the swept back bars, so you’ll more than likely see pictures of our test bike with both set-ups. Fully assembled, with the OEM handlebars, the WO weighs in at 37 lbs 8 ozs.