It’s now July and race season is in full swing. The trails that Henning Schipper and I use to train for enduro racing are all clear and running perfectly. It’s safe to say that Revelstoke is delivering some of the best conditions that we’ve seen in years.


Having a team mate like Henning living in the same town and to be able to ride and train with has definitely been beneficial and helped me get on track to where I want to be. Being new to Revelstoke, I just moved here last August, it has taken some time to find my groove and figure out what I want to do and which direction I want to go with mountain biking. The town has been nothing short of inviting and supportive, and a few local business such as Skookum Cycles Revelstoke, Somewon Collective, and Zen Athlete have been there since the beginning supporting and providing motivation to accomplish the things I want to this season.


Without the help of Skookum Cycles we would never of been introduced to Kona Bikes. An amazing company that’s on board with what we are doing and what we’re trying to accomplish here in Revelstoke. It has been a great start to the season and we can’t wait to get the ball rolling on some more projects. Keep your eyes open for more content, projects, and race recaps from us over the course of the season.