image008_eThe last race of the 2009 Fluidride Cup was held in Port Angeles on August 22nd-24th. The event was a little less active than the previous ones and allowed us to hit more practice runs and engage in conversation with the Kona browsers. The conditions were dry and extremely loose, with the course changing throughout the day because of the unsupportive conditions. Many other times I would be wishing for rain, but that slippery grease would have made for treacherous practice and race runs. After practice runs we decided to take it “easy” and mentally prepare for the race. Bah! Next time I won’t take it too seriously because life is too short and you miss out on too much when you try to control it…

Race day was extremely organized and went without a hitch. Everything was going great, then hell broke loose when I went up to take pictures of the Pro racers. As some of you know I have been out for a week or so with a knee laceration. During my ill fated attempt at trying to get ahead for a shot of the last racer who almost ran me over as a result of me supermanning down the trail! I ended up with 20+ stitches, some cartilage damage and a broken camera. I definitely want to give a shout out to all that helped me out from the mountain and who were cheering for me in the finish area. Next time I go up I better be going down on a bike!

Thanks for all your support!

– Trevor Torres

P.S. Thank god the memory card was ok!
P.S.S. The last image is gross and you might not want to look at it.

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