I was so exicted to start the World Cup season especialy with the new junior ranking. This will be my main goal for this season. I’ve been training hard during the off- season, and this first stop will be a good indication of my level. Fort William (Scotland) is a massive event and I was looking forward to jump on my new Kona Operator to ride all those high speed sections. The athmosphere there is unreal and the track is rough but fantastic to ride.

There were some new parts with a new double jump over a river where you could carry lot of speed with a lot of flow. So nice to ride. The wood section was one of my favorite . Different lines were possible wich is always fun. Decisions have to be made and we have to decide where we can make up time.

Trainings went good despite a big crash on my third run which left with some bruised muscles on my right leg. Nothing I couldn’t handle As a junior, you are directly qualified for the final on Sunday. I took it easy on the seeding trying not to pedal to much to preserve my legs. I still had a good run with good lines and a positive feeling. I was pointed 21th in the ranking not so far from my goal to join the top 15.

I was as motivated as can be for the final. The pain has gone from my right leg and I was ready to shred it. My race run began good. I could hit the lines perfectly and felt fast until I hit one of the so many rocks of Fort William which broke my chainguard. It was not possible to pedal anymore. As you can see on my intermediate times I lost some precious seconds on the middle section. After so many tries, I was able to put the chain into place and continued to pedal again. Just on time to attack the big jumps of the last part of the track ! This track is so fast and sick !! I ended up in 22th position which is not bad but I wanted more. I’m still happy whith my race experience up there.

I’m leaving now for Val di Sole (Italy) for the second round of the World Cup. I hope I will be able to send you some good news after the week-end !