Just in time for the festive season we’ve added three fresh new items to the Kona USA web store. A very cool long sleeve Swoosh tee, a galactic Since 1988 zipped hoodie, and an Aggy Wolfie snap back. What’s even better is, up until the 20th of December, you’ll get 10% off almost* everything in the webstore by using this code: PUMPKINSPICEPROCESS. *Kona Mystery boxes and already discounted items aren’t included.

So what are you waiting for, our new clothes, pedals and t-shirts are waiting for you here!

Kona Swoosh Long Sleeve Tee $35

Kona Since 1988 Zipped Hoodie (Back)

Kona Since 1988 Zipped Hoodie (front)  $55

Kona Wolfie Trucker Hat $30