Kona’s office in Ferndale, Washington, is about as nondescript as it gets. There’s no sign or billboard announcing the company’s presence, just a blue warehouse situated in a small industrial park. Step inside the front door and the low key image remains – vintage photos, race memorabilia, and old catalog photos are scattered about the walls, forming a random collage of all things Kona. The warehouse space is vast and well lit, full of towering stacks of cardboard boxes containing bikes ready to be shipped out, and various bikes are on display, hanging from the bright orange walls, artifacts from bygone eras of mountain bike history. There’s even the first Stinky prototype, circa 1997, a 1995 special edition HumuHumu singlespeed, and a 1992 Fire Mountain hardtail, complete with the ill-fated Kona Z-link fork. Read more on Pinkbike