The Kona Kup at Nanaimo’s Bowen Park is an annual tradition as part of the Cross on the Rock series on Vancouver Island. The race is run by Nanaimo Kona dealer Rock City Cycles and this year they spiced up the deal with a Private Jake giveaway for one lucky racer at Sunday’s race.

Photo by Braison Images.

The Kona Kup was the second race in a double header weekend, with Saturday’s Hot Cross Bunnies race at Beban Park setting the tone. Kona Endurance Team rider Rhys Verner saddled up on a fresh Major Jake for the weekend and took to the course with main goal of having fun in the mud:

“After a month off from bike racing it was time to start getting back into things with a double dose of cyclocross in Nanaimo. The first race on Saturday was probably the muddiest race I have ever done. There was so much mud so that most of the competitors could barely ride through it, including a 30 foot long axle deep puddle no go around. I finished the race with a decent result but mainly just had a fun day getting back into it.

Sunday’s Kona Kup course was much better suited for mountain bikers: super twisty, with lots of little climbs and little descents. The Bowen Park course was also quite a bit drier, so it actually felt like you were riding fast. I finished off the race in 10th place and had a ton of fun. I’m really looking forward to doing a few more cross races as well as lots of fun adventure cross rides for the rest of the off-season.”

The shiny new Private Jake went to Nanaimo local Dave Morris, pictured here with Rock City Cycles co-owner Sean Lunny.

For a taste of this year’s event, here’s a video from Twofiveoh Creative: