face-26_smallCan you guess what year this Humu was produced before I tore it apart and made it the ultimate bone crushing cruiser?

Look at it! Sexy ass green thing with cream and copper accents. I was inspired by the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show when I began to create my new Humu. I wanted something no one else had, but I also wanted a bike that could plough through almost anything and do it looking trick.

I love the geometry of this frame. It steers quicker and more precise than your true blue beach cruiser. I swapped the 6 foot wide cruiser bar for a narrower city bar to rid anymore bar slippage. The RPM cranks and bb were upgraded to some ultra vintage(chicken scratch hand engraved 175 marking on the backside) Race Face arms and a UN72 bottom bracket.

The frame, P2 fork, Blackspire DH ring, city bar, Odyssey Jimmy C pedals, Easton EA50 post , and the front carrier were powder coated granny smith green. Not too thick mind you. I didn’t want the fine details in the metal to disappear. Of course all the pedal pins had to be removed and the threads chased after paint. The Brooks B-17 special in green and copper suited this bike perfectly and is so comfortable.

The Atomlab GI dirt hoops, Cane Creek sealed cartridge headset, front rotor bolts, Shimano DX rear hub(upgraded hollow stainless axle), Deore front hub, stem, seat collar, top cap, and headset spacers were powdered in Copper Haze which has a beautiful metallic fleck in the sun and is as durable as balls.

The bottle opener was removed from the carrier before coating to save its chromeness and tabs were welded to the P2 fork for a solid mounting platform. I couldn’t go with just any grip and I almost did, but then I’d be miserable so I expertly placed two soft layers of tan suede on to my lock-on cores with some suede tassels to match.

Before I built the wheels I spent 2.5 hours just hand polishing the DT Comp spokes to a brilliant shine. Try it next time you build. Use Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish on each spoke. It also worked well on the copper butthole Kona logo I cut out and custom copper plated steel fenders. The only copper rivets I could find for the brackets were too long for the thickness of the fender so I incorporated Canadian pennies as washers to take up the slack. Oh, I know. Pimp trick indeed!

Seeing as how I added a considerable amount of weight to the bike and got rid of the coaster brake, I needed to powerful stopper. The Avid BB7 and 185mm rotor works very well along with the Animal linear brake cable and Avid FR-5 lever.

There are too many fine little details to mention, but you get the idea.

So whether my bike is displayed on its copper wrapped double kickstand or cruising down a hill and running over a squirrel (true story), it’s still a Humu-humu-nuku-nuku-apua’a and I love it.

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