You’ve heard of wingsuitng. You’ve heard of free soloing. But have you heard of High Alpine Extreme Tubing? Ambassadors Ryan and Becky Gardner are smashing inflatable ceilings. Combining high country riding with the world’s most hardcore alpine floating, they’re breaking boundaries and scheming up world domination. Their keys to success? A whole lot of absurdity and their shred machines: the Process 153 DL 29er! Hold on to your butts as you get schooled in what it takes to be the world’s most elite High Alpine Extreme Tubers!

Everything’s already been done in racing. We’re out here doing something new. Something fresh. We’re out here doing stuff that no one has ever done before. -Ryan Gardner

“HAET is not for hobbyists. You need to be in peak physical condition to get up there. it’s not a joke.” -Becky Gardner

A huge thanks to our friends at WTB for making this project possible, and for keeping the humor in biking.