Lose Touch to Find Your Happiness

Words by Ambassador Riley Seebeck. Video by Cole Gregg.

Lost and consumed amongst the egotistical world of social media. A generation of me, me, me. Where sharing that simple rectangle with a caption feels like bragging. Many times I have a lot of mixed feelings without really knowing if I should feel these things. My bike helps me leave the jealousy, the FOMO and the judgment behind in the darkness to re-discover the real reason why we want to share these things all over the web. These things called bikes, make us happy. We all share that together, fast or slow, steezy or weezy.

Now, this isn’t just the cliché “my bike makes me feel free and happy” speech. Bikes truly make me feel found. On it, I have a sense of control as I like to have a lot of the time in my life but it isn’t always possible. You have to learn to live with that just like you can easily lose control of your front wheel on a turn. I have a certain style, something unique to the way my muscles work, my posture, and my comfort zone. It’s a form of expression, art essentially. It allows me to achieve some of the most extreme goals like riding a 14,000ft peak, to traveling days in the saddle up mountainous terrain.

To release from the phone, amongst the tree farm, I can release from it all. The body seems to reset. No matter the mood before the ride, afterward I multiply my happiness by 10. This to me is found.

I would love to hear what people think of this. Do you have the same feelings?