Here at Kona we know just how versatile our Process 134 line of bikes is, so when Blake at GMBN approached us about riding one bike in the DH, Enduro, and XC at Sea Otter we just knew that the SRAM AXS equipped Process 134 CR DL 29 would be the perfect tool for his latest challenge. Check out how the bike performed in the video above! 

As Mountain Bikers, we’re always on the hunt to find the ‘ultimate’ bike, but with so many genres out there ranging from XC & Enduro racing to DH and Slopestyle, can one bike really do it all? Blake Samson is at the Sea Otter Classics festival to test this one bike theory out by making only a few small bike adjustments from tyre choice suspension setup & handlebar height to see whether or not one bike can truly do it all!” GMBN