By Ambassador Johannes Seehuber

It is the second week of August already. You can see the days getting shorter again, the grass is wet in the mornings and fog creeps around in certain spots.

Without any highlights like a big holiday, music festivals, outdoor partys or events, this summer feels super strange. Also the weather is not giving us a normal summer mood. It rains or storms every second or third day for weeks and in the meantime it is just crazy hot… not the optimal biking conditions.

But there was a plan to create some personal highlights and do a little micro adventure…. I wanted to sleep outdoors on a mountaintop. So it was time to create my own outdoor party.

Weatherf orcast gave a little window until Thursday noon without any high risk of thunderstorms or rain. So, Wednesday night should be good! Also turned out that the 12th of August is the day where you have the biggest chance to see shooting stars at night. Perfect!

Tuesday morning the Whatsapp Bike group chat: 

“Hi, tomorrow afternoon/evenning to a mountaintop by bike and sleep over? Who‘s in?”

Tuesday afternoon in my living room:

The plan for me was fixed! I will start in any case because I also wanted to combine this with some bikephotos as usual.

Wednesday 17:07 o’clock:

Carpark of the mountain/hiking trails.

Bike and backpack are fully loaded and ready to go. There are two of us … big prop‘s to Flo who joined me in the afternoon for the exhausting uphill to help shoot some photos at sundown! Unfortunatly he couldn’t stay overnight and so he did nearly 1000 meters of altitude just to support me and for some shots.


It is crazy hot, crazy steep and the heavy backpack is killing me.

18:10 Are we too late?

Looks like the sun is already gone?

18:20 nope, there she is!


Now we needed to just hike up the final bit to the photo spot!

Hurry up Flo! Sun is going down!

Photosession with the self triggered DSLR and Flo’s drone.

Proudly present *Kona Process 134*

Would you ride there?

With Chiemgau‘s most famous mountain called *Kampenwand* next to us and the lake down at the bottom.

Views above Lake Chiemsee

19:12, the first guest for the sleepover party arrived.

Alex, with a big smile, an e-bike and thankfully some extra water for us! (thanks)

19:55 drone in the air!

Have some food and a beer, prepare for the night.

22:30 falling stars flying, cow bells ringing.

The milkyway was also visible.

…time to sleep.

I fell asleep, woke up, heard a rustle, heard some cow bells ringing, saw another falling star, fell asleep, dreamed crazy weird stuff, was cold, was dreaming that I heard a biker coming, woke up.

05:45 in the morning

The last guest to our party joined.

Michi, who couldn’t join for the whole night came up the fire road to wake us up for sunrise!

Everyone is crawling out of there sleeping bags slowly so we could enjoy the sunrise.

Due to our heavy backpack‘s and being tired we decided to take things easy on the descent.

In summary, we had a crazy exhausting ride up, a good photo session, epic views, the most falling stars within a night, a short night, alot of laughts, two *golden hours* and a good memory to this summer!

It is always worth the effort and sweat to do such things! Try it out!


Canon 6D, GoPro Hero 8, Dji Mavic Platinum