“I have never ridden a race ready Full Sus machine quite like it. Barring the test I did with you guys in Cannock which was fairly straight forward trail.”

Took my new baby up to my local spin where I know every nook and cranny.

First impressions were, wow this thing takes off as soon as you push the pedals. The immediate response is what was the most impressive thing I noticed on any mountain bike in years.

Second thing I clocked was that it handled the rocky stuff as well as my bigger travel piece of kit. It just rolled so easily and so fast.
Guy I normally ride with was just left behind, when I stopped to wait for him( something I never have to do), he was instantly asking me to have a spin, of course I gave him a shot but not until I did a little more myself because I’m selfish like that..
Chucked it into a few corners and realized it handles amazingly, its so light I can really stick it in and flick it round the tight stuff with no hassle what so ever. Went down one or too of the slightly steeper bits on my local spin which has a lot of loose ground and just gobbled it up , more importantly was able to slow down fast when I needed to.

In short, savage machine absolutely love it and can’t wait to get racing on it!!