An emotional week of hard work and big risk has come to a close as Red Bull Rampage wraps another chapter of insane mountain bike action. Coming off of a huge qualification day where Graham Agassiz would place and Antoine Bizet second, all eyes were on the two Kona riders to see how they would do in the big show.


Bizet going for broke. So close to Rampage glory.

Antoine went for it all on his first run, front flipping up high on the mountain, then back flipping the canyon gap, before going for a double back flip on the Polaris Razor kicker. It was the first ever double back flip ever attempted at Rampage and Antoine almost landed it. Almost… Unfortunately for him, he would lose his front wheel on the landing and go over the bars, breaking his arm. He’s ok, but obviously dissappointed. Many at the event think if he had landed the double, he would have won the event.


Aggy went large all weekend and so deserved 3rd, his best Rampage result ever.

For Graham Agassiz, the stress was high as he had to drop in after a long closure on course in order to medivac former Kona rider Paul Basagoitia after a terrible crash. (Our thoughts and prayers go out to Paul for a full recovery). But Aggy would man up and throw down an insane run that only two other riders could best: Andreu Lacondeguy in second place, and Kurt Sorge in first.


Aggy, the King of Whips.

We’re super proud of our riders for the professional and effort in what has to be one of the gnarliest sporting competitions in the history of all things. Special thanks to Sram for their great tech support over the weekend.