Both Antoine Bizet and Graham Agassiz have made a huge impact on the Red Bull Rampage landscape over the last few years and with the reimagined 10th event just around the corner we are beyond stoked to announce that both Aggy and Antoine have been invited to attend. 2015 was a solid year for both riders, Aggy took third after completing just a single run due to the wind. Bizet, who won practice in many eyes, was onto a potentially event winning first run when he broke his arm attempting a double backflip.

Aggy’s third place last year ensured an invite to the 2016 event, but Antoine had to wait a little longer until the Wildcard announcement earlier this week. But with both now confirmed, we get to look forward to a new look Rampage and a our two big mountain freeriders and their build crews doing what they do best!

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