Kona Ambassador Graham Beaumont’s custom painted Big Honzo CR DL has treated him well over the years. It’s been featured here before, but like a proper phoenix it’s back! Thanks to fellow ambassador Ben Gerrish for the photos.

My – Go to – do everything – can’t help but bring a smile to your face bike has risen from the Ashes as Barney the dinosaurs love child. After 2 years of Ab-use it was long Overdue a refresh so I decided to start from the ground up and give it the love it deserves. 

It’s a keeper.” -GB
No purple bike is complete without the dreamy SRAM taste-the-rainbow oil slick chain. This sits aboard a Shimano 12-speed cassette.
A 180-mm One-Up dropper post with hand-poished lever and saddle mount sits aboard a One-Up 20mm and next to PNW Grips with polished clamps.
Graham kept the classic Kona sasquatch icon on his seat tube.
The frame is rolling on a purple Hope Forts 30 wheel set. Brakes are also by Hope-their E4 model.
The 180mm dropper is held in place by a hand-polished Kona seat clamp. Gotta love those little extra details!
That’s a stealthy-looking cockpit there, bud.
Purple MK5 Burgtec pedals sit on SRAM 170mm carbon cranks.
Graham trimmed the seat tube for max dropper insertion. He has a stern warning, kids. “Don’t try this at home.” (Also it most definitely voids your warranty, so seriously, do not try this at home.)