Stefan Trocha of Gran Fondo Magazine spent ample time aboard the Libre and the Rove ST in Madeira and had positive reviews about both bikes.

The Kona Libre is the ideal choice for mountain bikers who want a bike with dropper-bars but don’t want to lose the familiar riding characteristics of a mountain bike.”

“The Rove LTD loves long distances, gravel tracks, and demanding terrain. Despite the steel frame and progressive geometry that goes beyond the usual gravel and racing standards, the handling is nimble and sporty. The harmony of the steel Reynolds tubing and stiff carbon fork provides great acceleration. This superb package offers countless possibilities as a commuting bike, touring companion and even a racey gravel-rig. The Rove LTD is an attractive option for those who want to do it all and also love embarking on adventures from time to time.”

To read the full review head on over to Gran Fond’s site.