2011 is now in the past, but what a year it was when I was in UK. I’ve met an incredible group of individuals, whom I consider my friends and I was able to share what I love doing the most. Seeing their determination, passion and love for mountain biking only made me want to pursuit my dream even more.

Sure 2011 wasn’t a great year for my camera – 550D. It overheated 3 times in this year, but I was able to capture some of the riding from super friendly riders, such as Ray and Blake Samson, Grant “Chopper” Fielder, Ryan Nangle, Marcel Hunt, Erik Purres.

I’ve spent a night at Ray and Blake’s place to film with them on the Isle of Wight, which is off the mainland. I had an amazing time hanging out, filming some riding.

As well as staying at Samson’s, I’ve had the chance to stay over at Grant’s place as well. Filmed a variety of riding from dirt jumping to freeride/downhill and it was super fun.

I went to meet Erik as well, who is an unknown rider in the world, yet he had fun filming and he sure can ride. We drove around some of the spots which are like an hour or 2 away from the town where he lives, had a few laughs, filmed some riding and hiked a lot up and down for sure.

Matt Hoffman said it nicely – “Dream a life, then live the dream”. Filming is what I love doing more than anything and I will continue to pursue my dream.

Thanks goes to the riders in this video!

Hope you will enjoy this video!