09-06-2012 Minidownhillcup SFA, Netherlands.
This was the first downhillish track in the minidownhill series. It had some nice jumps, drops and fast berms. Practice was on Saturday morning, had some nice practice runs with Marin van der Heide, rider for the Dutch BMX talent team, and my big sis Dewi Snoeren (they are in love, haha). My practice runs went well, no mistakes and had no crashes. Rode my first run and came in second. In between my first and second race run the track was drying up, so I decided to do a few more practice runs with Marin. Also shot some nice footage with my new GoPro. Second run was faster but still not fast enough, came in second with a time difference of 0.13 seconds. My time was 22.90 seconds. Also came in third from al the riders that day, pretty stoked on that. Had a nice day of riding with my friends and family.

16/17-06-2012 Nissan European Downhill Cup La Roche-en-Ardennes, Belgium.
This was real downhill track, a bit short but good fun. It was really well organized. Saturday was practice-day. The weather was horrible, it had been raining the whole day so the track was really muddy. It made riding a lot of fun though. Did some runs with Erwin de Visser, we showed each other some good lines and tried to ride them. Some felt good and others didn’t. Had a really nice practice day, and it was only getting better cause the sun came out. We were hoping it would stay that way so the track would dry up. And luckily, the next morning the sun came out again. The track was so much faster and more fun to ride. My first run went horrible I had a big crash and wasn’t able to finish it. But, when I came down they told me that I had to go again cause there was a problem with the time registration. I was very happy about that. I was the last rider to start. The track was even faster during this run. I even caught up with two riders in front of me. My time was 1.58.25 seconds. I came in second cadet and 19th overall. This meant I got to ride in the superfinal! Very happy about that. My second run went quite well, made a few small mistakes. But I was happy with the result. My time was 1.53.95 seconds. Remained second cadet but came in 23th overall. This really was a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed it a lot.