Brad Stover, who just turned 12 years old, won again at the Sol Vista finals last weekend.

Stover flying on his Supreme Operator.

He smashed the DH field in his class, winning by 18 seconds! Brad then went on to win the 4X event… on his Hei Hei 100.

This kid’s on a roll. The last time I saw him at the end of May, he was nursing a broken shoulder. That obviously got better pretty quickly, because Stover won the 15 and under class at Crankworx Colorado, even though he was three years younger than most of the people he was racing.

Look out for this kid! Not only is he one of the most polite little 12 year olds around, he’ll also probably pass you.

Brad Stover is sponsored by Acme Bicycles in Rapid City, SD and Kona Bicycles as one of our Grassroots riders.