This mini documentary was filmed in Chile by our dealer, Oxford Store, in the sixth region, which is around 200 KM from the capital city of Santiago. Join Canuto Errázuris and Andrés Tagle, winners of the Across Andes race, as they lead a group of gravel riders through a wandering tour of Mantanzas, Pichilemu, and Vichuquén. While these towns are primarily known for their surfing and coastal views, Errázuris and Tagle wanted to show the gravel routes that are gaining in popularity.

The group of avid cyclists were keen for big adventure days of 100kms and the ride exceeded all expectations. After around 300km of Chilean coastline, the group finished their ride with a new appreciation of the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. It was, no doubt, a ride that formed new friendships and created a new appreciation for a region that is growing in popularity.