It’s pretty neat to leave my house on my bike and start heading towards the objective of the day. Rolling across the bridge looking up at the summit I am heading to. Nice calm morning, birds chirping and just pedalling to the trail head.

I took me an hour of biking to get to Mt-Begbie’s trailhead, here I am as dorky as ever.

My set up is pretty simple and rolls pretty well. A one wheeled Bob trailer for all my gear, boots, axe and such. Then I strap my skis on my bike. As I set up this shot Joey, Garrett and Bruno drove by with their little truck and trailer towing a snowmobile. They headed up to some logging roads and sledded up 6 km and 2000 ft, I started touring and finally caught up to them 5000 ft later. We headed directly up to the col and followed the yellow line to the summit, its pretty exposed and had a hairy but well worth the challenge. Read more