With Kona Ambassador Florian Grohens stuck in his home area in Les Vosges due to lockdown, he chose to teach his family friend Charles the ways of MTB. Learning stoppies, schralps and hucks became school for Charles, and he was a quick learner. So much so, Charles would be awake at 6 am waiting for the next ride.

Words – Charles Grohens (no relation to Florian)

– When Flo told me we were doing a Reverse Video, I was so happy but when I realized we had to shoot the same scene again and because Flo or Remie missed the action, it was very boring. Next time I would like to work with real professionals, please.

-We had to wake up early, but the sunrise was super, super-nice, but the temperature was cold, -3 degrees. I am the only one who didn’t complain about my winter jacket for the shoot, the worst was my father… always something to say about his frozen finger – what a chicken! I was very impressed by Flo who stood in a tee shirt.

– I very much appreciate doing the same jump a lot of times. Sometimes when I was tired Flo took my bike to the top like a king.

– When the shooting scenes were finished, we still had to work and talk about the text. I just wanted to ride my bike and not sit in the office to explain my experience. Who cares what a small 8-year-old shredder thinks!? We just want to shred!

– I love to ride with Flo, He teaches me a lot of MTB things, mostly on the jumps and on the easy lifestyle.

Conclusion :

– I prefer riding my bike to making videos! But we got such a nice moment all together! Particularly when my parents invited Flo and Remie for dinner. This was the perfect moment to celebrate the end of the project.

Video – Remi Cordier
Photos – Thomas Vendra