By Ambassador Josie McFall

What a crazy world we live in, with events being cancelled left right and centre. With schools, supermarkets and shops closed and the only reason to leave your home is for essentials and exercise.

All the days feel like they’re merging into one and not knowing if it’s a Wednesday or Sunday. How many weeks in are we? It’s Groundhog Day over and over.

There is a battle on social media fiercer than ever to show off productivity and those people who are being productive, that is amazing. But what also is amazing is doing what makes you feel comfortable in times of uncertainty, and to some people that means not getting out of bed.

This is a global pandemic, you do not need to do anything new or different to what you have done before, you do not need to compete against the people on social media. You need to look after yourself, keep yourself happy. If binge watching a series and eating snacks makes you feel better, you do that. 

Let’s not make this pandemic about who is better than who, let’s make this pandemic about looking after each other, reach out to people, check on people, keep in touch with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be to ‘help’ them it can be about helping yourself.

Take your eyes off the news, watch some normal TV, listen to some music, go for a walk or ride your bike. Do what makes you happy. Look after yourself and stay safe and make sure you escape the world from time to time.