Words and photos by ambassador Clara Cendoya Ibanez.

Last November, I had the opportunity to help and be a part of the European Launch of the new Kona Remote 160—a big revolution if we are talking about e-bikes.

I really wanted to ride around my place, to see what it was like because I had already ridden it before at the bike park and it was great! But we know that this bike’s natural habitat is outside the bike park. If we can do things, the bike can do more!! Any mountain, any uphill, you will enjoy this beast! You will reach places that you never imagined you’d be able to reach.

The place for the presentation couldn’t be better, Moralzarzal, where we live and where we usually ride. It is a small spot in the mountains outside of Madrid, where people ride the gravel road all the way to the top of the mountain and enjoy the downhill through many different trails as many times as they want, or as long as their legs let them keep going!

Even with all the expectations I had of this bike, everything I thought it would be like, assuming it would be amazing, I still felt really impressed. Such a playful bike, up and down.

Controlling the heartbeats, how much exercise and efforts you want to give, not feeling exhausted and letting you go for longer rides— all without losing the essence of the process 153 on the downhills! It’s stable, playful and fast. It is amazing.

And all of this with the best company, and again, with a big part of the Kona family. It was great to see you guys again and it was a pleasure to meet everyone we didn’t have the chance to meet before.

Excellent photobomb

The best way to say goodbye to 2019!