From FSTPKR: So tomorrow the BLC to Bering Sea trip officially starts from my front door. Bright and early too! I hope to open up with a big first day. I have a spring/ campsite I want to reach that I was just shy of last fall. I will be live tracking on my map above this post so check it out! No more false alarms this time (sorry to all who where getting the updates while I was trying to work the bugs out). I want to thank all the folks following along on FSTPKR’s facebook page, my sponsors and everyone who put up with my being direct and getting this trip on the road with such short notice. I am honored to have you all along for the ride and to share my homeland Alaska with you all! I feel very fortunate to be returning to my birthplace in this fashion, let alone seeing some of the best the state has to offer. I will still be mobile blogging so check back for quick posts and photos too! Read more