By Ambassador Thomas Silva

Avignon – Valence / 185km / 30h
music “kirikou est petit

Wake up at 8 am, I wake up like a flower, on my toast I put butter, the train leaves in one hour. Arrival in Avignon around 11 am, we take the road. After 2km, we have to cross the Rhone. Solution 1: to ride 5min to the nearest bridge. Solution 2: to wait 30min to take the free shuttle boat. My friend loves what is free.

At the kilometer 2.1, just on the other side of the river, we see a snack bar. It is not free but my friend also likes to eat. We stop.

That leads us to 13h,and we begin to ride for real. Not for a long time because in the heat wave in the afternoon we do not look proud. Overwhelmed we stop in a river to take a dip in the middle of dragonflies and crayfish. During some hours we are still very hot then the sun begins to go down and we can start to have fun. Almost alone in the world on this cycle track, magnificent lights and glorious speed. While the sun sets, we arrive at the foot of a cliff underneath a castle. We toss the frisbee and and the decision is made. We would like to sleep up there. Problem is, there are only shrubs up there, impossible to stretch a hammock. So we continue to ride until midnight. Everything is peaceful and we feel really blessed to ride there under the stars. The hammocks are finally stretched, an apple tree in front and a plum tree behind. 

We decide to wake up at 6 am and to immediately ride to take advantage of the freshness. Brilliant idea because we eat the kilometers like they were pizzas. Landscapes are rather monotonous but from time to time, a bridge, a village or a panorama draws its pin from the game.

In the afternoon again, big heat and the breaks are necessary. The smallest water point is welcomed with emotion. Finally we manage to drag our carcasses until the end to take the train back home.