Say what you want about the term “downcountry,” but like most weird things in the bike industry it’s taking off with a bit of fervor. Bike Magazine has come up with a list of bikes that they think suit the moniker well, and the Hei Hei CR DL made the cut! To clarify, downcountry is considered a bike that has some XC roots but is definitely badass enough to take on burlier terrain. We think that describes the Hei Hei lineup well, and we’re happy Bike Mag agrees!

“The Hei Hei is build to tackle serious miles efficiently, but also comfortably. Rather than beat you to death with ‘pedaling efficiency,’ the Hei Hei is made to take some of the brunt of trail chatter to save you energy on long epics or on rougher trails. Or both, if that’s your cup of tea.” -Bike Magazine

You can check out the full article here. Ready to hop on a Hei Hei? Find your next bike here!