Bike Magazine has just posted up their editors picks that form The Best of the 2017 Bike Magazine Bible story and our newest full carbon 140mm trail bike, the Hei Hei Trail made the cut. Picked by legendary MTB journalist and longtime Bike magazine contributor Mike Ferrentino, the Hei Hei Trail surprised Mike in a very good way. In fact he loved it so much he absconded from the Bike Magazine Bible Test Sessions with the bike, we haven’t heard from him since and he’s not answering his emails!

Every year at this shindig, I end up having to re-evaluate my biases. This year, as with the previous two, I ended up liking something that was totally not what I expected to like. The crow-pie this year came in the form of the Kona Hei Hei Trail DL. It’s a light, snappy, very sweet-handling bike that scoots uphill with more alacrity than the stated travel would lead one to expect. Normally, I look at rear suspension that utilizes a flexstay to simplify the rear triangle and allow the linkage to still do its stuff as something best avoided. They usually tend to be less comfortable across a broad range of impacts than more sophisticated suspension. In this case, that may be true to an extent, but I didn’t care. Muttering something about short femurs, steep seat angles and Strava times, I loaded the bike into the back of my van at the end of Bible camp and headed west. – Mike Ferrentino

You can check out the full story here  and Mike’s original review from the Bible here. Below you’ll find a few photos of Mike at our launch last year on his very first ride on the Hei Hei Trail in Squamish, BC.