Helen Wyman finished 3rd for the second year running in the floodlit cyclo-cross in Woerden, Holland. Starting at 20:45, with the temperature dropping and drizzle starting to fall, it wasn’t going to be everyones ‘cup of tea’.

The familiar sight of Daphny van den Brand shooting off the front through the first few corners was there for everyone to see, however this time, Sanne van Passenn was right on her wheel. Helen had a sluggish start, getting caught in several small battles for position before finally getting free and into a 3rd place.

At this point the chase to the two leaders began. Although the gap was small, with a couple of small areas of the course in total darkness, it was hard to close the gap.

‘My eye’s aren’t the best. I have rather strong contact lenses, and that doesn’t make it easy for me to ride in the dark, or to transition from dark to light. It’s no excuse as the 2 ahead are in great form right now. But the gap was close and my legs were good.’ said Helen after the race.

Helen did get to within 5 seconds of the leaders, and although they looked in touching distance, it wasn’t to be. Helen rode the race out to finish in 3rd, and took her 2nd podium of the year after her win in the UK.

‘There isn’t an easy race out here. The competition in women’s racing is getting harder each year. It’s getting more professional, and there are always new young riders coming through. Every time I race, I want to do well and ultimately I want to win. I’m sure that next win isn’t that far away and I’ve got 2 more chances this weekend.’

‘Then I’ll be going to Germany to try to repeat or better last years result at the European Championships. I know the course well, and I’m looking forward to the event. ‘


1 – Daphny van den Brand
2 – Sanne van Paassen
3 – Helen Wyman
4 – Pavla Havlikova
5 – Sanne Cant
6 – Arenda Grimberg
7 – Sabrina Stultiens
8 – Sophie de Boer
9 – Linda van Rijen
10 – Nikki Harris