wc podium 1 “2nd in the opening round of the World Cup, I’ll take that. Racing in a World Cup is always different from any other race. Everyone comes motivated, fit and ready to put it all on the line, so your early season races aren’t always a good indicator.

However, when it comes to Katie Compton, class is a good indicator of form. After a lap today she decided to give everyone a head start. I think I was around 40 seconds up on her, but that proved to not be enough.

The group at the front (Me, Cant, Harris and De Boer) didn’t hang around. Lucie Chainel decided it would be a good idea to rip everyone’s legs off at the start of the race, and when it came back together us 4 up front each took our turn to drive the race and take a small advantage. But Katie’s speed is destructive. 22 seconds quicker than me on the 3rd lap shows why she fully deserved the win. I actually thought I had a pretty good lap on lap 3…..guess I need to reconsider the use of the word good.

Anyway, It was a great race, a good crowd and a real confidence boost at this stage of the season. It puts me 2nd in the World Ranking, 2nd in the World Cup and 2nd in the BPost series. I’m going to keep believing “1st the worst, 2nd the best”.

Valkenburg is an amazing town. The atmosphere there all weekend is great and I love spending time there. Obviously Milton Keynes is going to be the best World Cup this year, perhaps even in history, but Valkenburg, keep doing what you do, because its great.

See you next year V’burg.” Helen