I’m going to be very honest here; when I first went to Cross Vegas, it wasn’t really my cup of tea. A less than inspiring course (sorry), more than hot conditions, more air conditioning units in a single town than there are the whole of Europe, I won’t go any further. But my pit man/coach/go-to guy Stef decided it would be good for me to return five or six years later to face my desert demons and race Cross Vegas again. A few mails to the amazing Brook Watts later and we were all ready to go.

It was never going to be that smooth now was it! A cancelled flight, delays, queues longer and slower than ever previously recorded in history meant a 2am arrival in Vegas the night before the race. On my East Coast USA body clock, that was 5am. Anyone who knows me, knows I love sleep. I’m all about the sleep. So that kind of killed me. Fortunately I just left Stef at the airport to pick up the car, and carry my bags and got a cab to the Monte Carlo, our home for the next 2 days. More at www.helenwyman.com