It was off to France this weekend for a rare trip outside of Benelux this season for the penultimate World Cup in Lignières-en-Berry.  Based at the Hippodrome, the course was pretty simple.  Long straights, well you could say looooonnnnggggg straights, then some fiddly bits (Not technical bits), then more long straights basically made up the course, and with near freezing temperatures at times it was simply a fast event.

None of that took away from the race, and given it was at a horse racing track, my usual adage of ‘horses for courses’ certainly stood up.  I had a bit of sticky start, into a little traffic, myself to blame, never quite got the wheel of the front group as you were straight off the start into a fiddly bit.  Sanne Cant rode a fantastic race. Leading from start to finish, hardly putting a wheel wrong, and dominating in an event where everyone is entering their World Championship peak form is not easy to do; simply untouchable.

For me it was 7th, and being a big part of the battle for 4th.  My lap times were consistent, and a result higher than I’d expect on a course like that.  I have to be happy.  600km’s in the camper and I’m home in frozen Belgium, where I hope the temperatures will increase a little as we move towards Hoogerheide and Zolder for the World Champs.