Kona Factory Team professional Helen Wyman will again start her season in the USA where she will
kick off affairs in Rochester, New York. The weekend’s double-header schedule will be familiar to
Helen after she won an event on the same course last season. “Racing in the USA is infectious; I love
it” commented Helen about the start of the 2012/13 season. “It’s great to be close to my Kona team
and the East Coast feels like a second home to me. I had such a warm welcome there last year and I
knew immediately I wanted to go back”

After an extended stay in the USA, which will include a series of cross clinics linked to race events,
Helen will return to Europe to compete in the World Cup series. “The World Cup is important to me,
and always has been. I’ll be looking to better my 5th place finish of last season. It’s never easy, one
bad day is devastating to your classification, but I guess that means I need cut out the crashes and
win some sprints!”

Helen will be using the Kona Major Jake again but with a lot of updates to the components which
seem to be providing significant benefits in terms of performance and weight. “I’m so happy with
the bikes and I’ve been lucky to be able to try a lot of new products through the summer to ensure
my winter season is as smooth as possible. I’ve also got the benefit of working very closely with
the guys at the top of Challenge Tyres in Italy which helps to ensure I get the best out the product.
This includes my input into development of new products and influencing upgrades that make the
products stand out from the crowd. It’s been a very fulfilling part of my summer” said Helen

The USA trip will include at least 9 events but will end in good time to allow recovery before the
World Cup series starts in Tabor, Czech Republic. “I need to be fresh and on my game early this
season. The European Championships are in the UK this November. It’s not often we get a major
championships in the UK and this will certainly be the only time in my career so It’s something
I want to approach with great respect. I know the course well as I won the nationals there last
year. Hopefully the weather can be awful in the approach to the event to make it nice and tough
otherwise we could have a grass criterium. It’s very fast there.”

Helen will leave for USA on 1 September and will be spending some time new sponsors Attain
Clothing before the first events on 8th and 9th of September. “If this trip is as enjoyable as the last
one, I think I can see myself spending a season or two in the USA. Women’s racing is well organised
and most importantly well respected in the USA. I think I’d like to be a bigger part of that revolution
over the coming seasons”