In her first 3 weeks in the USA, Helen Wyman has racked up 6 wins in 6 races. The run of wins has taken in all kind of conditions and courses and has proved a very valuable trip as she looks to polish her cross skills before the European season kicks off.

“I’m so happy with how things have gone. 6 wins is more than I’d thought would be possible and I still have 3 races to go. The courses have been fantastic and the organisation of the events is first class. In respect of the courses, there is no gap between them and Europe.” Commented Helen

“I came to the USA after a period of time where my off road training was compromised by a shoulder injury. Thankfully I have that all dealt with and it has just added more focus to the quality training I’m getting here during the races. To be able to push yourself in race conditions isn’t something that’s always easy to replicate in training, so this trip has been perfect” continued Helen “Logistically it has been good and no different to the travelling we do in a normal European season. I’ve got 3 more races this week and then it’s back to Europe to kick off the World Cup season”

Helen will start her European campaign at Ruddervorde in the Women’s event that now runs alongside the men’s race at all of the SuperPrestige events. Then she will travel to Czech Republic for back to back world Cups. Following that the defence of her Koppenberg title will be in mind before travelling to Italy for the European Championships.

“I’ve been 3rd for the last 2 years in the Euro’s, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen again. I’m totally focused on the World Championships and I’m not sure my form is going to be anywhere near the level you need to medal at a Championships come November. It’s a long season, and koksijde is a very special, very hard race. You need to hit that perfectly or the podium is just going to be hard to achieve. That’s the goal, the plan is in place, now I just need to get there with as few bumps along the way as possible.”

“Gloucester GP this weekend will give me a good indication of where I am right now. The field is strong and the course will be hard. I’ve had some really good competition in the races so far, but this weekend will be much more concentrated with riders from all over the USA, plus Mani from France, so I’m really looking forward to the challenge.”

Season So Far:

1st – Nittany Lion Cross Day 1
1st -Nittany Lion Cross Day 2
1st -Charm City Cross Day 1
1st -Charm City Cross Day 2
1st -Nor East Cross
1st -Rochester Cross

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