Spa Francorchamps - Bart Raeymaekers 4So it turned out to be a good weekend. A win in the Superprestige in Spa Francorchamps in what was a pretty exciting race.  Nikki Harris really took the race on and put together one of the most impressive opening laps I’ve seen for a long time.  She rode a faultless lap and put a huge gap in a chasing trio in which I was in.

The course was hard, when you combine 17 percent climbs on the road, with mud, a wall and a bit of running, it’s never going to be that easy, so it wasn’t exactly unexpected.  But having said that there was plenty of recovery as well.  I think I benefited from being in the group, not only were we all able to take a pull in the chase of Nikki, but it gave me a steady first lap.  My start wasn’t so good, so it took a bit of energy to get back in the hunt so being able to relax a little was appreciated.

Spa Francorchamps - Bart Raeymaekers 3As we came into the 3rd of 4 laps, I was feeling ok, and the time checks I was getting around the course showed we were coming back to Nikki.  At more and more points on the course we could see Nikki, so my confidence grew.  The last time up the muur, I took the lead, and had a couple of spots on the course I was confident I could gain an advantage.  Nikki and I distanced ourselves from Sanne in 3rd, and coming into the final climb of Raidillon, I had a few metres and managed to hold on for the win.  To be fair I had about another four yards maximum in my legs, so I was just relieved to get over the line.

Anyway, that’s that.  A nice result and confirmation the form is ok.  Now it’s the famous “kerstperiode” where I’ve got 7 races in just over two weeks.  I can’t wait to get it started.

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